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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Virtual Run Weekend

How's everyone doing out there?


  1. Had a great jog this morning. Did a 1 mile walking warm up followed by a steady 5 mile jog. Shaved 5 minutes off my previous 6 milers for an avg pace of 12.36!

  2. That's outstanding, Jeff! Great Job! I did a reallly long run yesterday, so I'm going to take today off and do my 10k tomorrow evening. Stay Tuned...

  3. Check me out - 7.1 miles in 124 minutes.

  4. I've been sidelined by injuries to my knee (running) and shoulder (swimming), but had a good 40 mile bike ride this morning. With any luck I'll get in about 4.5 miles running tomorrw to test the knee.

    Good going, Jeff and Jonathon!

  5. Okay folks, I just finished my walk...Nope, I didn't run a single step. Since I've been sidelined with the flu since Tuesday I didn't know how I'd do today....

    .27mi warm up walk
    8mi @ 16:10 per mi
    .57mi coll down walk
    8.84mi total

    I don't know if it's going to be good enough for the DL Half next week, but even under the weather I managed to do this on the treadmill - thank goodness for a great book :)!

    Great job to Jeff and Jonathan - awesome!

    Hope everyone else is doing well and getting their miles in.

    BTW - these virtual runs are really great for me...I really just wanted to sleep today, but I didn't want to wimp out on the virtual race. Thanks to the whole team for keeping me going :)!

  6. Great job to everyone - we are doing great! And Amanda, I hope you are getting over that flu and you will be fab!! :D

    My virtual run luckily fell on a 10k weekend for me anyway - so I did my 10k today in 63 minutes! Personal Record for me - so I am happy!

    I love these team events - we should keep them up as much as possible. It really motivates me too.

  7. E and I did our 10k Saturday. speed walking we did it in 96 minutes and 57 seconds. Shaved off 3 minutes. E hasn't complained of his feet hurting.
    Glad to see everyone getting out there!!

    I have pain on the top of my left foot where I dropped the tool box on it last week. Otherwise doing great!

  8. Hey everyone,

    I know I'm a little late to the party (overall), but glad to see everyones doing great.

    I got out this morning for 8 miles in 1:12. After a long layoff, been consistently training for 3 weeks straight, and I'm starting to feel good out there.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    Mike R.

  9. Hey guys first off let me say GREAT JOB to everyone on their run! I was not able to get mine in till today(Wed.) I threw my back out over the weekend and could barely move it. But I was able to get in 6.2 miles today. Again guys great job and keep moving forward.

  10. How am I doing? On the training front, August was aweful, Terrible, EMBARRASSINGLY WEAK. At 36.58 miles for the month, it's the least I've done in any month since mid-2008.

    But, whatever, I can't complain.