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Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Is Your Threshold??

Today I want to talk about food. Nutrition. No matter how none of us here want to admit it, we are runners and walkers.
I have been reading how everyone including me are having a hard time with nutrition. I have been doing some research.

Does anyone really know how much protein someone should be taking in on a daily basis while training for a long distance, or high endurance race?? Here is what I have found.

Ideal Daily Protein Intake:
body weight Off season/or light training In season/or Long training
100-110 lbs 64-70g 77-85g
120-130 lbs 76-83g 93-100g
140-150 lbs 89-95g 108-116g
160-170 lbs 102-108g 124-131g
180-190 lbs 115-121g 139-147g
200-210 lbs 127-134g 155-162g
220-230 lbs 140-146g 170-178g
240-250 lbs 153-159g 185-193g

To find out how much you require,multiply youe weight in kilograms by 1.4 to 1.7, depending on your exercise duration and intensity.{ to convert from pounds to kilograms divide by 2.2}. This gives you the amount of protein in grams that you should consume on a daily basis.

Rae where did you get your information from?? My Athlete Education series News letter from Hammer.

SO does any one know their lactic acid threshold?

Lactic acid build up is caused from the intensity of your exercise and the demand to keep going. Your muscles and blood cells will reach an point where they can no long keep up with the demand, and in turn the lactic acid begins to build up. This is where your recovery drink plays an important role. What you choose for a recovery drink, it needs to have protein in it. The protein helps the repair of the muscles faster, and in turn can filter the lactic acid. Reabsorb it.

Here is one way you can get your numbers.

  • Warm up well for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then run a 30 minute time trial on flat course or track. (Time trial is ALL OUT EFFORT)
  • Punch HR monitor 'lap' button 10 minutes into Time Trial.
Average heart rate for last 20 minutes predicts Lactate threshold heart rate (LTHR).

Now do you know your threshold is??

Just sharing some knowledge.

See you at the finish line,


  1. Awesome information, but I can tell you I'd have a very hard time eating that much protein daily...that's a lot....

    Heehee...can't do the lactate threshold...30 minutes I'd probably be dead :)!

  2. Dude, you want us to do complex math? That's it, I quit running! LOL

    Thanks Rae, you're exactly right on this stuff and knowing your numbers can help training, recovery, etc.

  3. After a couple years of this I finally learned where my lactate threshold was about 2 months ago. The thing is, since I staerted using that as a training point I feel like I have advanced more in those 2 months than the previous 6 months.

  4. I know it is alot, but it does make a difference in how your body acts when out there.
    Wal Mart has protein power with 52 grams per serving, 2-3 times in a day and you have met your daily intake, plus what else you eat during the day.