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Sunday, December 18, 2011

WDW Marathon Waiver Link

Race day waivers are now available for printing at Run Disney.

2012 WDW Marathon Waiver Link (Click Here)

I can't seem to find the "track your runner link" if anyone knows were to find that let me know and I will add it here.

 Spectator Resources does have a nice tool for following a runner around on property. It also acts as a nice pace tracker for yourself. For that tool (Click Here)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Made your list? Checked it twice?

Greetings fellow Disney runners! Well the time is fast approaching and as the jolly one himself prepares to turn his attention from this year’s naughty and nice list to his Disney packing list, (Yes I have it on good authority that Santa comes down every year to check in with the elves running Winter Summerland)

I must ask, have you started your marathon weekend packing list?



C’mon go ahead and admit it, you’ve had your Mickey carryon packed since July. Am I right? Yeah I knew it.

But seriously here’s a list of things to be sure and include or to get organized pre-trip. If I miss something please be sure to leave a comment.

Before you pack:

A brief word about getting the most “Disney” out of the whirlwind that is marathon weekend.

Park hours are available on line. Be sure to look up each park and to also note any special extra magic hours. With the expo and various planned meets getting in some worthwhile escapism comes at a premium. If you are planning on visiting the parks over the weekend consider making a list of not to miss attractions. Many of us have not yet seen the updated queue at the Haunted Mansion. That one is certainly on my list.

A word about Disney buses. If you are foregoing the use of a car and will be using Disney transportation for the first time know this, Disney buses do not travel between resorts. To get from one resort to another you will have to bus to a Disney park or to Downtown Disney and then take another bus to reach another resort. This may affect those of you planning to attend our late lunch at Whispering Canyon Saturday afternoon. If using the buses, be sure to allow enough time to get around.

Confirm your flight schedule. If using Magical Express confirm any changes with Disney.

Visit the RunDisney Website and print out your race day waiver(s)

If you provided proof of time to RunDisney earlier in the year it’s not a bad idea to also print off a copy of that confirmation should you need it at packet pickup.

Check the 10 day forecast for Orlando. (purchase winter running gear if needed, but please let’s just collectively agree now to fasting and prayer before hand so that this is not necessary.)

Aside from your everyday clothing and personal care products…

Running shirt(s), short(s), and shoe(s) for each event.

Disposable clothing to stay warm during cool pre-race hours. These should be items that can easily be shed just before the race or during if you can do so without causing a problem to other nearby runners. Be certain that if you take off a layer of clothing on the course that it gets tossed completely onto the shoulder of the road. Keep a look out on the road ahead of you because some people will just drop clothes right on the road. Check your local Dollar Store or Walmart for inexpensive choices.

Another option for staying warm is using a 30 gallon garbage bag in which you can cut a hole out of for your head. This actually works very well in containing body heat. Something like this should be shed before entering the corrals. I say this because once shed, the bags tend to blow around the course.

Body Glide (don't run without it!!!)



Charging cords for any electronics you plan to use either on or off the course. (IE: Ipod, Cell Phone, GPS)

K-tape or any other wrap material you might use.

Clif Shot Bloks, Sharkies, GU, Sports Beans. (don't experiment with flavors. bring what you know you like. Does anyone who ran W&D back in 2010 remember the Strawberry Bloks that were handed out at mile nine only to be spit out by runners over the next quarter mile? not pretty.)

Splenda: Hard to believe but during my last trip Splenda was nowhere to be found. Word across the Disney community is that it has been on back order since Richard cleaned out the stock at Whispering Canyon.


Cash for a post marathon margarita celebration at La Cava del Tequila. (ok you may want to shower first, I’ll save you a spot)

Have I missed anything? Please leave a comment.

Update 12/4/11

Don't forget any costume or accessories that go with said costume.

Runners belt to carry an ID, post run cash, or your own GU or Bloks that were mentioned above.

Entertainment for during your flight or drive. May I suggest picking up a copy of "101 Things Your Grandpa Didn't Teach You About Oranges" by Mississipi Matt