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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Be Prepared

The Walt Disney Marathon weekend is getting closer and you can feel the anticipation in the air. Don't worry about old Scar staring you down on this post. Just couple his advice along with that of Pumba and Timon and "Hakuna Matata" you'll have know worries going into marathon weekend.

I'm using this post to mention a few last minute things to consider before leaving home and what to expect once you arrive in WDW.

The morning of your event it will most likely be cold out. A couple ways you can stay warm is to pick up an inexpensive sweat suit from your local Dollar or Walmart store. On the way to the starting corrals, bins will be set up along the road to collect discarded clothing. The clothing goes to a local shelter. If you choose to discard clothing after the race starts, be considerate of others and take it to the side of the road. There are no containers on the course but the clothes will still be picked up.

Another inexpensive idea which works very well for your upper body is to simply bring along a plastic 33 gallon lawn bag. Punch holes in it for your head (and arms if you like) your body heat will keep you warm.

Don't forget to pack Body Glide or Vaseline to prevent chaffing. Do not wear a cotton shirt. Be certain to wear a tech shirt that wicks moisture away from your body and will not get heavy with sweat. I'm not sure how this advice affects women who might be wearing a sports bra, but men trust me, you do not want a heavy soaked cotton shirt rubbing on your nipples. Some runners even use band aids. Consider a hat or sunglasses as well.

On the morning of your run, buses will be operating as early as 3:30am to take you to the Imagination lot over at EPCOT. This staging area is the same location your family and friends can meet you after the race. In the morning only registered runners are allowed.

In the image above is a yellow line. At the beginning of that line is the canopy which Team Voice members can visit with each other while waiting for the announcement to head to the starting corrals. The walk from here is 6/10 of a mile.

The blue dots represent people waiting in line to use one of the two areas with porta-potties. Last year these lines were quite long but I noticed something that worked well for me. In the red circle above, the lines were very thin. Most runners entering this area where not walking all the way back and because these are in a corner no lines really seemed to form.

The green line is how you will return to the area post race. If memory serves correctly this is where you can have your picture taken with your medal. Once back in the parking lot Team voice members can look for each other at the canopy if they would like. On the far end of the lot Donald, Mickey, and Goofy are available for pictures. I realized this too late last year and was denied access to Donald's line because it was being closed down.

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Chances are you might want to pass along some information to someone looking for you out on the course during your run. The chart above can be used to determine where you can expect to be mileage wise based on pace.

Disney offers a couple other resources.
You can sign up for runner tracking sent to your cell or email account at http://live.activeresult.com/msg/MSG-signup.tcl?event_id=3
The Walt Disney Spectator Tool is another resource that gives advise on how to move around the parks to watch runners.

In closing

Expo Hours are:
Thursday 12pm to 8pm
Friday 9am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm

Also we have a dining update. One seat is now available for Mama Melrose on Friday and seven seats are currently available for Ohana's for Sunday evening. If we do not fill the seats for Ohana I will notify guest services on Sunday morning and give the extra seats up. So if you are interested let me know. Team members my cell phone was listed in my last group email. Feel free to email or text my phone anytime with any questions you have.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Jeff W.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Team Voice Member of The Month

Team Voice Member of the Month time. Last one of the year. Can you all believe we are down to just weeks before the WDW Marathon Weekend??

This is you LAST CHANCE Marathon Miles. You should be smoothing out the bugs in your long runs, got your gear prepared and know what you are going to wear and what works. Start the taper no later than 12/26/09. Meaning don't run your really long runs. Run shorter ones, cross train, but do not stop all the way.

Here is your Team Voice Member of the Month:

Hi I am Rae. I am the creator of Team Voice. Team Voice was created off of Jonathan chanting The Voice. And at the Mouse Fest, the Team Voice logo was created by E. I still have the sketch.

I love Disney. I grew up on the Original Mickey Mouse Club. They were reruns in the early 70's. I do not remember alot about my first trip to Walt Disney World in 1974. Other than I cried when Mickey Mouse ran away from me. I can remember when Space Mountain open, and you had to sit in the lap of the person that was with you, and you had to put your stuff in a locker before you could enter the mountain. I also remember when they use to hand make the rock candy there om Main Street and the Penny arcade. I remember when they changed the characters shape and colors. 20,000 leagues, Mr Toad, Birthday land. We made the 3p parade late cause my group{band} rode Space mountain and got stuck on it and had to wait for them to get us down, and then escorted to back stage to get dressed for the parade. :) After high school I never made it back to the world. 2005. 16 years later I went back as a parent. That is an experience I will never forget. :)
2005: Found online about the marathon weekend. WOW!!! I would love to do that. ME? I don't think so. Then I learned about the other races, made friends on the boards. And started walking. It sure was not an easy thing to do. I could not even run 4 houses and my lungs hated me. I was sore all the time. I pressed on and made it to 4 miles and then in 2006 I slipped and fell had to have knee surgery. I thought I was done. My ortho doctor said just walk the races. Do not run them. If you can keep the pace do it. He is an ironman,marathon, ultra runner guy too. SO... I was back at it.2007 I tore a muscle.My doctor said go get fitted to shoes and you will stop all these small injuries. SO I did. Tower of Terror was my first race. Met people from the boards, and made lasting friendships. I do not remember to much of the race after mile 5. All I do remember was I wanted to sit on the bench in Hollywood studios, and the played the song Chariots of Fire!!! How corny!!! If it wasn't for E I would have sat down, and never finished. I was wheeled out in a wheel chair. I could not enjoy the after party. I felt bad enough as it was.

I was done with running and woging at this point. I was done. Then we went to a turkey trot, and I did not get sick. I felt good. 2008 I did the Minnie. Met more friends from the boards and made more lasting friendships.
Then we enrolled for the 2009 half marathon. It was on E's birthday. I had lost 40 pounds at this point. I felt good trained hard. No injuries. In great company. Stood in the bathroom line with some of my close friends, and then it was time. I was time to line up for the Half marathon. It looked like there were tons of people out there. Holy Cats!!!! Most of us stayed together and the rest went to their assigned corral. It took 20 minutes to get to the start line for us. ME, E, Jeff W., Matt and Jonathan. We all crossed together and we all went at our pace. I has so much fun that day. We were walking as fast as others were running. I did it!!!

Then I did the Princess Half made another couple friends, good friends. And jumped in a season of duathlons, placed second in points in the category I was in. Now here I am with the Full marathon coming up in 2010. And a triathlon series to start in Feb. 2010, sponsors, and a Ironman Florida 70.3 in May 2010. Where else? At Disney.

Never ever would I ever say back in 2005 I was going to do an Ironman in 2010, or a marathon, or a 5k. Or loose 50 pounds!!! And find and make friends who love Disney as much As I do. And create a support system. Team Voice. I couldn't have done any of it without anyone from Team Voice.
The experiences and friends I have made I will cherish forever. I have learned alot about myself. And I am not done. Not by far. I have the bug and my ultimate goal is Ironman Kona. And I am glad to have Team Voice with me.

And my biggest fans, My family.

Wow this is long I didn't know I had so much to say about myself!!! Holy Cats!!! 2010 is going to be a great year. I can feel it. I have new things I want to do with Team Voice and move in new directions.

Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this.

I can't Wait to see everyone in Jan.2010 And those who are not going to there you will be missed dearly.

What?? 2011 Goofy??