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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Counting Down

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Team Voice Member Of The Month

Good day Team Voice!!!
I am very proud to announce this month's Team Voice Member of the Month. He was suppose to be last month but things had ti be iron out so Here is Team Voice Member Of The Month.
I also want to give Brian a huge THANK YOU for all that you do for serving the USA!!

I am Brian Kling, 29yo. A Sergeant in the US ARMY with 12 years of active service. I got into Team voice after being inspired by Jonathan. I guess he has been a real inspiration to a lot of us. I am running for a few reasons. My fitness level even though I am a soldier is not the greatest. I am over weight by the ARMY standards and by my own, and I really want to fight the weight. When it comes to my own goals it is for basic health and fitness and to insure that I am around for a long time. My wife and I just found out we are going to have our first child and that made me think a lot about my health recently. On the ARMY front I can not stay in past 15 years unless I make the next rank. And I really don't want to have to be put out now. It would have been a huge waste of 15 years of my life if I am out out so close to retirement. And well, there is no chance of me making the next rank unless I get my weight under control and get my run time down.

When it comes to running, I seem to be one of the few that truly enjoy the sport. But I don't go nearly as fast and as long as I want to. My goal over the past year has been to improve my time and make it to the completion of a half marathon. I was signed up for the recent half marathon in Seattle, but I just plain forgot about it. I realized that I had missed it by listening to Jonathan talk about it on his podcast. Whoops! A HUGE congrats to Jonathan. I was also looking a the half at WDW in 2010, but never signed up since at the time I was not sure I would be around for it. And now I am glad because in October I will be deploying to IRAQ. So at least I saved the money on that one. My unit should redeploy in October 2010 and I have already talked it over with my wife, so be looking for me at the 2011 half. I just hope that I can get in some good training while I am deployed.

What is Disney to me?
Growing up in Orange, CA Disneyland has been a huge part of my life since my first visit when I was only 11 months old. Not that I remember it, but my family was there for the whole 25 hours of the 25th Anniversary. Too bad they did not do something like that for the 50th. I just plain love Disney and am proud of it. From my hidden Mickey tattoo, and stickers on my truck to my Disney filled wedding reception. I cant think of anything else that has made me smile like Disney has. Every time I come home, Disneyland is the first place I visit, and it will be where I spend my last holiday before shipping out. Really who could not love it?

So that's me. Part Soldier, Part fat body, and Part Disney freak. And loving it!

The picture included is back in Korea after a 5k run for the Year of the NCO. I did it in just under 30 min and placed 18th out of 56 people.

And then one of my wife and I at Disneyland on the first day of our honeymoon.