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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

“The Your Marathon Your Way Challenge”

Hey howdy hey pardners,

It occurs to me that some of the steam has left the locomotive these past few months. Let’s see if we can stoke that furnace back to life. Here is a challenge that I think should appeal to every one. I’m calling it “The Your Marathon Your Way Challenge”

Here is how it works.

Choose your event(s) Donald, Mickey, or Goofy.

Choose one or a mix of activities, walking, jogging, biking, or elliptical. Then choose how many miles of each type of exercise to reach your goal. Example, 4 miles elliptical plus 9.1 miles of biking is a Donald.

Choose your dates. To fit into your schedule any dates can be used between now and December 13th.

Donald (13.1 miles) and Mickey (26.2) can be completed on individual dates.

For Goofy (39.3 miles) Donald and Mickey distances should be completed across two days back to back.

Email me or leave a comment and we’ll get a roster started.