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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

“The Your Marathon Your Way Challenge”

Hey howdy hey pardners,

It occurs to me that some of the steam has left the locomotive these past few months. Let’s see if we can stoke that furnace back to life. Here is a challenge that I think should appeal to every one. I’m calling it “The Your Marathon Your Way Challenge”

Here is how it works.

Choose your event(s) Donald, Mickey, or Goofy.

Choose one or a mix of activities, walking, jogging, biking, or elliptical. Then choose how many miles of each type of exercise to reach your goal. Example, 4 miles elliptical plus 9.1 miles of biking is a Donald.

Choose your dates. To fit into your schedule any dates can be used between now and December 13th.

Donald (13.1 miles) and Mickey (26.2) can be completed on individual dates.

For Goofy (39.3 miles) Donald and Mickey distances should be completed across two days back to back.

Email me or leave a comment and we’ll get a roster started.


  1. I'm in for at least a Donald. I may attempt a Mickey, but I don't know just yet. I'll let you know.

  2. Hmmmm... not sure what I am up to doing..I have yet to make it over 11.5 miles....

  3. Can I bike most of the miles?? Like 13.1 bike and then 13.1 on foot?? Or 26.2 on bike and then the rest on foot?? Another 13.1 miles to make the Goofy??

  4. Rae,

    You can bike all of the miles if you want to. Just choose one or a mix of the activities listed about and pick your dates.

  5. Cool I will look at my schedule and see what I can get in. :)

  6. As Rhino would say..."You go" as in...when it's 35 degrees outside and you planned on a 13.1 mile run...you go!! So I went, and I did it. All in all a good run started very slowly as I typically get lung freeze when it's this cold out, but everything worked out okay and I got the mileage in. 2:03:56 so sayeth the Garmin which is a good pace for me on a training run.

    The only concern I have is my left knee as I think I've got tendonitis or something goin on there. The hills inflamed it again and it's a bit painful. I'm going to get some physical therapy sessions after the half-marathon I think, but will wait till then. It doesn't bother me on flat course like what's in Disney so I'm sure it'll be fine. Nothing I can't run through even if it doesn flare up a bit.

    Good luck to everyone else on the challenge! I'm planning another Donald in the next couple of weeks and will let ya know how it goes. I think I've got 7 13.1 (or more) mile runs in this year...nothing compared to Justin, but I'm proud of them. :-)

  7. Okay...I'll probably regret this decision on the day I do it, but I'm going to shoot for Donald - 13.1.

    I will plan on doing 13.1 miles on December 12th. I already have a 12 mile training run scheduled and I'll probably tack on 1.1 miles of warm up and cool down to hit the 13.1!

    This is probably a good challenge for me as I've been having trouble doing my long runs and now it's out here in public so hopefully that will help get me out there to do it!

  8. I am done.
    Here it is,
    6.1 mile run last night 1:32
    22.07 mile bike ride today 1:07:57
    6.1 mile run today 1:30:14
    grand total 34.27 miles
    I may make up the difference for the Goofy on the bike later. I will post if I do.

  9. I've preety much just been a Team Voice lurker, but I'll come out of the closet and say that I'll give a try to the Goofy distance over the weekend of Dec 12/13; hopefully the weather will be good enough to bike some of it that weekend.

  10. I am done with the Donald challenge!!!! See, you put it in writing and tell other people and you just have to do it :)!

    So here are the details:
    2.4mi walk - warm up
    12mi run
    .92mi walk - cool down
    Total 13.16 miles!

    More details coming later about how it went at my blog - wdwalone.blogspot.com!

  11. This weekend didn't exactly go as planned for me, but I did finish the Doanld Challenge today with 14.4 miles (.2 mile warmup walk, 13.8 mile run and .4 mile cooldown walk). Today's weather was good but the run was tough, but that happens now and then.