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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Month New Goals Team

SO how is everyone doing?? Is everyone as excited as I am that we are only 4 weeks away from the race weekend? Holy Cats!!!

Anyone want to post a challenge?? How about a virtual race to remember 9/11?? Create a bib, and get a prize for it?? Distance?? Post a picture of self?? And we can put some new pictures in our slide show there to the left of the screen. Sound good??

Please do not forget to support our Team Members that will be headed out to Disneyland to do the DL Half this year.! I will post more with race info. and track my runner.

We have a Team Voice Member of the Month,but I can't post it for another couples days.

Skype meet this month, Sept 12th.. not to sure on the time. Someone hacked my team voice e mail,and I have to make a new one. I will get it out to everyone!

I wanted to speak of night running/walking/wog. Even though this will be a controlled environment, some parts of this course is gonna be a little dark. I recommend getting a head light.
Rae, a head light?? Yes. Home Depot has them, you can get 2 to wear on your head, plus 2 small flash lights for 14.95. Cheapest around I have found.

I am speaking from experience, I fell last year when I forgot to wear my light. Even with the street lights, it can still be tough to see. It was 2 weeks before the 2010 marathon weekend. I do most of my running at night.

I will be bringing, some gels, I have a case of mini cliff bars, and samples of That Butt Stuff. If they get here in time I will have KTape samples for everyone too. I have sponsors for us so I will need pictures to post, and show it getting out to everyone.

Maybe I will have some news on teaming up with Make a Wish or giving the Kids the world.

Any new goals ?? Need help setting goals?? Please let me know!! I can help.

Team Voice, Many Goals, One Voice

I will see you at the Finish Line!!


  1. Great post, Rae. I like the idea of the 9/aa run and creating our own bib. I had a number of friends who lost their lives at the WTC that day including my childhood soccer coach. They have a 5k run for the foundation his family created and I try to get out to it when I can (Keane Foundation 5k). Still sort of haunts me in that I stood at the base of the towers a couple of weeks prior with a co-worker as he said to me "imagine if these things ever fell..." Laughed at the time, but will never laugh about that again. Crazy story, but true. The two bright spots to that day were 1) Coming home from Dubai a day prior I was too tired to make a number of work meetings I had in the city that day, and 2) a good friend of Lorraine's, her brother in-law (another lawyer...) played hooky from work that day...his office was one of the direct hit spots I think in one of the towers.

    Talk about bringing this down! Yeesh! :-) My goal for September is to match my mileage from August 120 run miles with at least two back to back long runs of over 8 miles each. Starting small on these...will build up.

    What are your goals, Rae? Let us support you for once!! :-)

    Remember, you are ALL Superstars!

  2. Should be ramping up miles in Sept. Need to get ready to high five Goofy!

  3. Well I am glad the race will virtual race will mean something.
    My monthly goal is 150 miles. I am at the moment at 20.04. My legs are tired, but they need to be use to being tired. The Goofy is about being tired!

  4. I'm going to shoot for about 120 miles for the month.