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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Challenge!

It's TIME to get serious, Team Voicers!! If you really are serious about a race this year, make THIS the month that you are CONSISTENT and MAKE PROGRESS!

And it's spring in some parts of the country, so it might be time to get outdoors!

*** Rookies ***

Core: 200 crunches, 100 pushups
Strength: 8 days of weights/strength work
Feet: 20 miles or 8 hours of walking/jogging
Days: 15 days of exercise (minimum 15 minutes)

*** Pros ***

Core: 500 crunches, 250 pushups
Strength: 10 days of weights/strength work
Feet: 75 miles walk/run
Days: 20 days of exercise (minimum 30 minutes)

The purpose of the month-long challenge is to establish CONSISTENCY in your exercise program, and to start to build FEET TIME for stamina, strength and wear & tear.

These are very REACHABLE goals with a little commitment over a lot of days! Go for it!!


  1. Looks good, but I think I'm between the rookie and pro category, at least when it comes to milage. I'll give it my best shot though :)!

  2. I am in!!! This month I have to get my mileage up.

  3. I'm in! I should be fully recovered by Monday, so I'll have to pull double duty next week!

  4. How has eveyone been doing towards reaching their goals for this month? I have put in over 20 miles on the stationary bike and Elliptical at the gym and have done 650 situps so far for the month. No pushups though. I get a pain in my elbow when I do them that takes days for it to go away.

  5. sit ups 250.
    So far 30 push ups I still have to do my others from my trainer.
    biking: 18.79
    running: 12.29
    weight loss 5.5 pounds

  6. Okay, here's how April ended up for me:

    Sit ups - 600+ (I don't keep exact numbers on these)
    Push ups - 200+ (I don't keep exact numbers on thest)
    Strength Training - 7 days
    Plyometrics - 2 days
    Yoga - 1 day
    Pilates - 6 days
    Running - 67.4 miles
    Elliptical - 6 days
    Stationary Bike - 6 days
    Total Workout Days - 2 days
    Weight Loss - 4.4 pounds

    Overall, I felt I did really well this month. I hope to keep this schedule up next month!