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Friday, February 6, 2009

From the desk of Jennifer Teig von Hoffman comes the challenge for the weekend of 2/7

Greetings, Team Voice, from the chilly Northeast! I just can't face
the icy Boston streets....but that 1/7 mile indoor track at the gym
has become one of my happy places.

This week's Challenge is short and sweet: The 20% solution. Find an
aspect of your workout that has been feeling a bit stale, or not quite
intense enough, and bump it up by 20%. That could be 20% in one go;
for example, if your current "long run" is 5 miles, run 6 instead. Or
it could be broken into smaller increases; for example, you could do
two runs, and go 10% farther than your usual distance each time. Even
if you have to walk part of the time in order to increase the
distance, the miles still count!

Or you could apply this creatively! If you wog, you could run 20% more
of the time, and walk 20% less.

And of course, sit ups and push ups....ask yourself, could you do 20% more?

Whatever you do....remember it's all about progress, not perfection.
It doesn't matter whether you're a marathoner, or lacing up the
running shoes for the first time in decades. Just keep moving forward,
just keep swimming!


  1. Check! Okay, so I'm going to actually jog a little bit, what's 20% more than zero again? :-) Goal is 1-2 miles.. I'm sooooo sick of not running it's almost comical.

    Also, does this mean I can drink 20% more beer? LOL! I've found a way to drink 20% less calories when I do, however..MGD 64...a little squeeze lime and I'm on a tropical island somewhere...a really low cal cheap tropical island, but a tropical island nonetheless.

  2. Great job on this weekends challenge Jen!

  3. This was a great challenge Jennifer!

    I was scheduled to do a 5 mile easy run today. I upped the total distance to 6 miles to meet the 20% challenge. I also completed it 20% faster than I was planning on finishing it!

    How's everyone else doing?

  4. Ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill last night and looking to complete some push-ups/sit-ups this evening (120 of each :-))

    Thanks for the challenge, Jennifer! Definitely helped me to have a goal for the weekend.

  5. Hey Team Voice!
    Seeing that today (Sunday) is the day of rest I my run was only 2.5 miles. I will do 200 situps & 100 pushups later today.
    Have a great week!

  6. Did 4.05 miles on the Elliptcal at the gym. Since I rest the belly on sundays I decided to do 50 situps.

  7. Finally after fighting nearly a week of chest congestion it began to break up today. It was 9:30pm before I found the time to make it out the door. Managed 5 miles worth of intervals.

  8. So this weekend I didn't exactly get any timed training in. What i did do though is a lot of hiking. Friday my girlfriend, roomate and I hiked about 3 miles. We did another the on Saturday that was about 4 miles. I'm happy with it because it did get me outside and plenty active.