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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The challenge for the weekend of 2/14/09 comes to us from the "Voice" himself.

Greetings Team Voice!

This week's challenge is a bit unique and calls for a different kind of

But bear with me to the bear end, and we'll barrel through it.

Let's face it - we've all hit ruts at times. Some of us are STILL in them. Why?
We hit a BIG goal and surpassed it. And now what? We have more goals, but
they're kinda far out there.

So let's focus on what GOT us to those goals. Because at some point on our
training, we were our BEST us. It might have been during the race. It might have
been during training. It might have been a second, a minute, an hour, a week.
Whatever! Maybe it was physical, maybe it was mental, maybe it was even

Regardless - your challenge this weekend is three-fold.

1. Articulate to us, the team - what it was you did that made you the BEST you

ex. (During my training periods, I focused on using LONG strides, so as to
maximize my distance! OR During my training runs, I made sure I always listened
to DISNEY music)

2. Work that into your routine this weekend. Tell us how it goes.

ex. (This weekend when I do my longer workout, I'll focus on using LONG strides.
OR This weekend I'll revamp my playlist for my workouts!).

3. Oh yeah - since it's us - include 100 crunches. :)

Now - there's a BONUS section to this challenge.

4. BONUS - part of what made ME the best me was my charity work. And it's still
going. In fact, I've already raised an ADDITIONAL $100+. And I know you guys
have all helped in one way or another. But if you want bonus points this week -
raise some money this week. Whether it's from your latte fund, or a co-worker,
or just spare change. Raise money to send to me for our charity work. Those
Make-a-Wish kids need it badly. Shoot for $5. Just five dollars.

If you raise it - let me know and I'll tell you where to send it.

Good luck team! Enjoy this week's more esoteric challenge!



  1. I love this challenge!! I'll be posting my info in the next day or two over on the AATM Forums.

  2. I am going to be away this weekend - so I will try and do the challenge for tomorrow morning's workout! I will post on my blog how I get on! Great challenge :).

  3. It took me a while to realize when I was the best me before, but I think it's when I am down about my weight and don't want to workout any more and I pick myself up and do it anyway.

    This week I was scheduled for a 10 mile long run. My goal was to run the whole 10 miles - no walk breaks. I did it and I did it by reminding myself that there's no reason I couldn't do it. I reiterated to myself that anything is possible as long as I keep trying. I've hit a weight loss plateau yet I'm working harder than ever to better myself and that can tough to deal with, but by remembering that there are people that can't do what I'm doing I am able to find the strength to continue. So not only did I finish my 10 miles this morning, but I did it in my goal time of 12:24 per mile. Thanks for this challenge as it was exactly what I needed to get through this today!

    I will fail the 100 crunches this weekend because I've done two very tough core workouts this week and I'm still sore from those :)! Do those workouts count towards my 100 crunches?

    I hope everyone else is having a good weekend and benefits as much as I did from this challenge!

  4. Hey Gang!

    I ran 6.75 miles today! In 13 days I'm running in the Cowtown 10k. Wish me luck!!

    I received the BEST Valentines gift! Lisa (Cat #2) registered us for the 2010 WDW 5k and 1/2 Marathon!!! I'm so excited !! The best gift ever!!!

  5. I posted this on Jonathan's blog, but my "best me" took a bit of pondering. Then it came to me. Simply put, it was getting off the treadmill and running outdoors (after repeated brow-beatings by the intro dudes..Mike F. and Jeff W). So I got outside for a 3 miler yesterday on a brisk 38 degree morning. I've got issues with the lungs under the low 40 degree mark and this one was pretty darn painful, but I did it. Starting to get warmer here in CT so I'll be through that soon enough.

    Congrats Amanda on your 10 miler without stops! I'll bet that felt pretty darn good. :-)

    Thanks for the challenge Jonathan. Oh, and I almost forgot...My wife and I are IN for the 2010 half marathon, yeah!! I booked the tickets with my skymiles and will be registering this week. Was touch and go for a while there, but we decided to do it. Wife ran for a little bit on the mill last night for the first time since Nov (knee issue) and it went well, so slowly but surely, we'll be training for 2010.