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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Transition Area Conduct: Placement of Equipment

transition areaThis week’s rule is Article 7.2 Placement of Equipment.

The rule addresses how a participant sets up his bike and gear in transition. In races where an assigned spot is designated by race number, the gear and bicycle must be placed on the same side as the race number designation on the transition rack. The front or the rear wheel must be down on the same side as the number and the gear.

If transition spaces are not assigned, then wherever the participant racks, his gear must be located on the same side of the rack as the down wheel. The gear - shoes, run bib, etc, must be next to the wheel that is down and no gear should extend out into the alleyway between racks, nor should it interfere in any way with the adjacent participant’s area.

USAT officials are available in the mornings of the race to advise participants if their gear and bike are racked legally.

Here’s the rule:

7.2. Placement of Equipment.
All participants shall place equipment only in the properly designated and individually assigned bicycle corral and shall at all time keep their equipment confined to such properly designated areas. Any violation of this section shall result in a variable time penalty.

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  1. Just one of the many things that make tris so foreign to me at this point :)! I'm sure I'd do everything wrong!

  2. Looking forward to exercising the rules at some point this year!

  3. It's a piece of cake after you do it for the first time.
    The exception is Ironman races where all this stuff goes into a color-coded and numbered plastic bag, which is then either left at the rack location or organized by number along a path that you have to travel into/out of the transition area.