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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Team Voice Member of The Month #1

Hello Team Voice!!!! This is Rae. Today I am presenting to everyone our first Team Voice Member of the Month. This is a chance for you to get to know the members of the group. As for now towards the end of each month, I will be sending someone, anyone in Team Voice,specially those who are In Training, a e-mail asking if you would like to be the next TV of the month. And keep a look out, and Keep Moving Forward.

Here is our first Member of the month..........

OK well where do I begin.
Well I am Mike Fess. I do intros with Jeff W. for AATM. I was always into sports, but never liked running great distances. Well all that faded and real life sunk in. You mean I have to get a full time job to pay my bills? What's up with that? I started to really put on weight. I was 245lbs. at my heaviest. Well things started to change when my daughter was born. I knew I needed to drop my weight and get my blood pressure in order so I could watch my daughter grow up. Well I was turned on to podcasting by an AllEars news letter. On one show I had heard this guy named Jonathan talking about how he was trying to lose weight. He started running and for motivation he was taking donations to help the dream team foundation. After I heard how much weight he had lost I knew it was time to put aside my loathing for distance running and get off my big at the time backside and start running.

Well I knew I needed to be held accountable and I needed a team to get behind me and support me when I needed it. Well when I heard about Team Voice I knew I just had to be apart of the team. Team Voice gave me the support and accountability I needed to start accomplishing my goals. I was so excited one day when I got on the scale and it didn't go past 200lbs. I nearly went through the roof. Team Voice to me is more than a Team. It is an extended family. I always know if I am struggling I can turn to them. I recently had surgery on my knee and have been laid up for a couple of weeks. Well I am proud to say because of the support from everyone I am back on the road and mark my words Mike-Speed will be back. As for why I love Disney so much(remember it is part of the rules to be on the team) is because I got the opportunity of a life time to work there on the college program. Spring '99 OOH RAH! Ever since then I have been hooked. WDW gives me a place to forget about reality for a week and just act like the kid in me I have to always hold back. So I would like to thank the committee for the nomination and I will end with this.

Team Voice "Many Goals, One Voice".


  1. Awesome story Mike - thanks so much for sharing! I can only aspire to reach Mike speed!!!

  2. *Tear* You so totally rock Mike! :-)

    Member #1 couldn't have gone to a better Team Voicer, for sure. I know I kid about Mike-Speed, but you gave me tons of motivation last year to push my training to limits I never dreamed it could go and I feel more confident as a result. :-)

    BTW - who is that sexy Team Voicer standing next to you in that pic? He's awesome! LOL

  3. Just some nut job that kept following me around. ;)

  4. What a great start to the Member of the Month!! The perfect choice. While I enjoy harassing you about the Yankees and Bills, you have been a joy to have on Team Voice. When I stray from the group for a little while, I always get messages from you inquiring as to whether or not I'm still alive. It's usually the motivation I need to get moving and get typing. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and your family during marathon week back in January. I'm glad to see your knee is getting stronger and you're getting back to form.

    P.S. If you need help getting a restraining order to keep the guy in the picture, with the short-shorts, from stalking you, let me know :0)

  5. Awesome idea! And awesome job!

    Nice to meet you, Mike! :)

    Are you the Mike F that posted on my blog? I wasn't sure who that was? :)

  6. Heath - You're just jealous of my short-shorts! LOL Hey, they are team Pfizer running shorts, had to wear 'em. :-)

  7. It's so good to hear your story again, Mike. And I'm sorry I wasn't online to cheer you on with your knee, but I'm glad the other TVers were!