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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Your Personal Juneathon

June is here and this months challenge comes to us from Chris Cullen (aka stroller boy)

Last year Richard Page (Jogger Blogger) turned some of us on to Juneathon. Junethon is a challenge is which all who participate agree to put in some type of mileage every day of the month. Now trying to get miles in every day can be quite a challenge, so the idea for the month is to personalize your own Juneathon by setting your own weekly goals. Chris made a couple of suggestions to go along with this idea.

1. Post a chart on the event blog on which to place your name and your weekly goal for each week of June. You can have a different goal each week. I will update the chart as you leave comments either on the blog or directly emailed to me.

2. If possible mix one of your days up with an alternate exercise such as biking or an elliptical. Swimming laps is an elective too. If choosing swimming your goal should include mileage plus the laps you want to achieve.

This challenge puts the power into your own hands (or rather feet) this month. If your interested send me an email or leave a comment here on the blog. This will give some visibility to how we each are doing.


  1. Sorry I haven't been around lately you guys. I'm in, I'm starting the Juneathon tomorrow! Also, I need my name added to the list (Renaissance 1/2 Marathon, Ridgeland, MS and the DL and WDW halves)

    Talk to you guys soon!

  2. PS, the Renaissance half is on June 13... sorry for the double post

  3. I'm going to commit to a 5K (3.12 miles) average per day. Total minimum mileage 93 to 100 miles for the month.

    I'd commit to more, but WDW may throw me off. I'm going to try doing a 5K every morning before we go to breakfast and hit the parks. We'll see how well that works out.

  4. I will just commit to some mileage everyday. That's the best I can give right now. Heat and work are making it difficult right now.

  5. Put me down for 10 miles for Week 1, 15 miles for Week 2, and 20 miles for Weeks 3 & 4. Thanks TV!!

  6. Add me in for this week to do a long run from 13 to 15 this week and I have been running 2.0 miles every morning.
    Next week is the long bike run. 15-20 miles an hour and maintain speed of 16-17mph,and run 2.0 miles everyday.

  7. My goal is to increase my mileage so let's say 4 miles for this week, 5 miles for the second week, 6 miles for the third week and 6.5 miles for the 5th week. I already did a 4 mile walk this Monday!

  8. I exceeded my Week 1 goal - got to 15.1 miles. Can't wait to see my name on the chart!