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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tag Your Buddy.

Not sure if this happens to you guys but following past events I always seem to fall into a rut. It’s like my brain says “you got that one under your belt so go ahead kick back for awhile, you deserve it.”

It seems like once I achieve a goal my focus tends to drift away from the next challenge and folks I can’t let that happen and neither should you. January is coming on like the Roger E. Broggie; in fact if you look closely you might already see the steam coming down the tracks.

To the point of this post:

I want to encourage each of you to get out there and put in the miles and cardio work needed to cross the next finish line. This year a number of you are going Dopey for Goofy (or is it the other way round) and my boy howdy is my hat off to you. Consider your Wine and Dine experience and in the next couple months make any adjustments needed to finish strong. I have every confidence that you’ll reach your goals but everything you put in between now and then will greatly help your own confidence.

Be sure that your touching base with your Team Voice buddy and if you or your buddy have been slacking… then shame shame shame. Remember Deb’s favorite song. “We’re all in this together.”

Motivating your buddy only takes a few moments and you can keep it quite simple. Mike and I simply send a text to each other when we have done some miles stating what we did and tag it’s your turn. Generally we try to tag the other back within 24 hours with matching or plus mileage. Occasionally we share a few added words of encouragement but mostly we keep it simple. At least for us it works.

Last night (10/11) I got in 4.5 miles. Consider each of yourselves tagged.


  1. I know what you mean about that post-event rut that I sometimes fall into as well, this time I have too much coming up to fall into that "blah" period (26 days to my 70.3) but I will make sure to get with buddy after tonight's workout.

  2. Tag!!! Let's see, I have done a 2 mile interval over the weekend, and an upper body workout. Then last out I did well E and I did 6 miles, and 4.5 of it was intervals. My breathing took over so much so I was in physical pain some hours after. My lower lung lobes were in pain and I could not get a full breath. So I have set an Doctor apt.
    Today I did a high cadence flat spin on my bike on the trainer. I did 9.01 miles. I have done lunges,squats,planks,and abs. Tomorrow hills on the dreadmill.
    OK Tag your it!!!

  3. Okay - who is my buddy these days...I missed that part of the last meeting due to lack of service in the area I had to drive in to!

    Jeff did you post this because you know how nervous I am about the Dopey? Thanks for the reminder that I can do it if I put the work in.

    Here's my post W&D miles so far:
    Saturday 10/9-4.03mi walk with dogs
    Sunday 10/10-3.21mi Komen 5K
    Monday 10/11-15mi stationary bike
    Tuesday 10/12-4.04mi wog on the mill

    I am still getting over a cold, but it's finally letting go of my lungs.

    I have some big plans for the weekend in terms of miles so wish me luck!

    Oh - and seriously - tag and text me if you're my buddy!!!!

  4. Hey you guys rock. I've only been out the one time but that's gonna change.

  5. Good work, everyone!
    Here's what I've been doing recently:

    10/9 8.9 mile run
    10/10 35.6 mile bike ride (shortened from 50 mile)
    10/11 2115 yard swim, including 1525 yards in a 30 minute time trial (never swam that fast for distance before!)
    12/12 3.5 miles at track (3 miles done at top of aerobic zone 2 to test maximum aerobic function) this showed me how tired I am right now and in need of rest as my last mile dropped of significantly
    10/13 Rest Day!

  6. I haven't done any running since the Wine and Dine - I did a lot of walking the week after at Disney, but since I came home at the weekend, I have done 2 days of swimming and 1 day of cardio. Hoping to get back into running this weekend but it's got COLD here and dark mornings mean it'll be treadmill...and I'm scared of it.

    I need to get into gear even though I'm not doing January. It's a bit hard to get motivated at the moment, going through a slump.

  7. I know what you mean about the rut after a race. Before your race, always plan the workouts for the week afterward. These will be small, not-so-intense, workouts. The immediate ramp-up the week following a race is the hardest for me. Make a plan beforehand and work your plan.