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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everybody Can Walk Even Team Voice CAN

Hello Team Voice. Today I am posting something real easy for EVERYONE to do. Please please before you try it, see you doctor and get them on board, tell them what you want to do why, and if it is ok.
I have posted about using this program over on Rae'e Place. So I am sharing it with you, yes you... try it, start at twice a week. Tuesday and Thursday. The up to three days a week. If you watch in the videos she is using a 16 minute mile pace. Which is the Disney race pace to stay ahead of the sweepers.

This will also help you get ready for all the walking you do in the parks too. You are going to want to quit, but don't keep pushing through, you can do it. If you try it let me know how you did.

And for those of Team Voice who are more advanced can do this everyday. In this workout you use muscles that help with running and biking.

And last of all... learn to laugh at yourself, I am in no way coordinated !!!!


  1. I've seen these programs, but never tried them...Not sure how to work these in to my current plan, but it's interesting and I can certainly see how it would help.

    BTW...I have to laugh when I do these things because I have no coordination at all :)!

  2. It's not hard, and you do use muscles you normally do not, and it helps. =)