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Thursday, January 29, 2009

February Is Vern Week In Passamaquoddy

Weekly challenges are one thing, but we at Team Voice really enjoy our team virtual runs. The theme for February was inspired by Glen Whelan's Passamaquoddy blog.
Last year Passamaquoddy hosted Vern days. A week long celebration honoring an author how wrote many adventures both on land and at sea. This year Team Voice has been invited to participate in the second annual running event. Details will follow soon.
Meanwhile you can follow this link to details on last years run. Vern Week Run

While your there check out the other events that were held.

Look for details for Team Voice this weekend.


  1. I love the idea for an events blog! Keep us posted!!!

    Oh, and I'm the first commentator, HAHAHA!!!

  2. This is great!! I am going to link it to the Group page on Face book and Dis friends.

  3. Geez, we got our own facebook page...blog...what's next, private Team Voice jet? ;-)

    Nice work Jeff!

  4. Fabulous! Love the idea. Thanks.