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Monday, September 5, 2011

Wanted: Marathon runners to save Disney Princesses from diabolical plot.

The following is intended to offer motivation to anyone planning to participate during Walt Disney’s Marathon Weekend.

On the morning following the Disneyland Half Marathon, Walt Disney World cast members arriving at Cinderella’s Royal table found the doors to the popular dining hall had been bolted from the inside. However, Guest services did manage to gain access to the hall about an hour later only to discover a meeting of the Disney villains led by Maleficent.

Not one to be deterred by the presence of mere mortals, Maleficent continued to spell out her diabolical plan to turn our beloved Disney Princesses into the semblances of their evil counterparts.

Maleficent threatened that the Princesses would be kidnapped prior to Disney Marathon weekend in January and that before mid-day of that Sunday’s event the transformation would be completed high atop Spaceship Earth. Thus destroying the dreams of would be princesses around the world.

To ensure that no one interferes with her diabolical plan, Maleficent has assigned a number of Disney villains to guard the miles of road leading into Epcot.

    Guard Mile 01: Pete
    Guard Mile 02: Big Bad Wolf
    Guard Mile 03: Doctor Facilier
    Guard Mile 04: Captain Hook
Guard Mile 05: Horace and Jasper

Guard Mile 06: Stromboli

Guard Mile 07: Shere Khan

Guard Mile 08: Professor Ratigan

Guard Mile 09: Sheriff of Nottingham

Guard Mile 10: Gaston

Guard Mile 11: Queen of Hearts

Guard Mile 12: Mad Madam Mim

Guard Mile 13: Jafar

Guards Mile 14: Madame Medusa's pet crocodiles. Brutus and Nero

Guards Mile 15: Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

Guard Mile 16: Scar

Guard Mile 17: Hopper

Guard Mile 18: Sid Phillips

Guard Mile 19: Syndrome

Guard Mile 20: Randall Boggs

Guard Mile 21: Zurg

Guard Mile 22: Ursula

Guards Mile 23: Pain and Panic

Guard Mile 24: Hades

Guard Mile 25: Evil Queen

Guard Mile 26: Maleficent

After handing out assignments to her gathered minions, Maleficent along with all the other villains vanished into a puff of green smoke.

As the smoke began to clear bright lights of pink, blue, and green descended from the rafters and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather stepped from the clearing smoke.

Merryweather reassured the Cast Members and the hungry, yet patient guests behind them that not one but four heroes shall arise to foil Maleficent’s plan.  And those heros are:
Donald, Goofy, Mickey and let us not forget the "d'Artagnan" of this fearless group...
Your mission (as I'm sure you have already guessed) is to fulfill your role as the Disney Character whose race you have selected for this upcoming January. With each completed mile you will have defeated one of Maleficents minions as you charge forth toward the next.
Defeating these villains is not an easy task and will require many weeks of preparation. (good thing that a super villain such as Malficent has granted us 17 weeks notice before unleashing her plan)  
In the weeks ahead visualize the villains you will face at each mile. Train hard, the Princesses are counting on you!!!


  1. you totally need to get a job with the midship detective agency on the disney cruise line, dude!

  2. Diabolical!!

    Hear me now and understand me later when I say the villains will be dealt with swiftly and will bear my Brooks print to prove it! LOL

    Great job on this, Jeff! :-)

  3. I love it...Those villians don't scare me! Okay, maybe Shere Khan does - he can probably run a lot faster than me, but I plan on attacking him during a catnap :)!

    This is awesome motivation Jeff, there are a lot of princess fans out there that need our helped keeping their dreams alive.

  4. Took out Dr. Ficilier last night. Nothing but net! err I mean Jog!

  5. I love it!! I posted this on the Run Disney Page on Facebook.