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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Team Voice Radio Episode Three

Greetings Team Voice,

Episode three of the Team Radio is now available for download. Itunes is currently reviewing our show and hopefully it will be added to their search engine in the near future.

This time out Mike and I are joined on Skype by Chris and Justin for a round table discussion on Disney running events and training. Thanks to Amanda and Jonathan for returning answers to Chris’s question. The way the show when we read one answer from each of you and Mike and I plan to cover the other questions post Marathon weekend. Perhaps when we do we can also figure out a time that each of you could join us to discuss these yourselves.

You’ll notice that some of the audio quality is a little lacking. All the audio was pulled from my sound card due to some technical issues with Mike Audacity. Also I had forgotten to mention that recordings sound best if everyone involved is recording their own end. This way all the files can be sent to Mike or myself for a cleaner sounding edit. Sound issues aside, we had a fun discussion that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Looking forward to your feedback and to seeing many of you next week.


Oh and hey I figured out the embedding thing!


  1. Masterful editing job Jeff/Mike! For those not on the call, my microphone was in and out for a while, but you could hardly tell here. I've downloaded some recording tools in case the guys are gracious enough to have me on again. :)

  2. Great show guys - there was a lot of good information shared in this episode!!!!

  3. Awesome!!! I wish I could have joined but I had no voice!!
    Lots of good info!
    Why not Intro Guys With Team Voice??