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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/21-12/5 Giveaway

11/21-12/5 Giveaway

Her is the first give away for my Avon shop. This give away is Foot Works. I t will run from now till 12/6/10. All new customers will get a chance to win these products. Order must be over $15.00′s and I have your e-mail address and phone number.

This is the foot scrub. It is lightly coconut scented. It is a sand scrub. When we tried some ,it is very nice not oily, or to dry. E my Hunny like it. He said the scent is nice. He liked how the scrub worked on his feet.

This the the Foot Works lotion . It is coconut lightly scented. The lotion is not oily. Does not leave your feet feeling oily or greasy. And after a day of use E said he can tell the difference in the softness of his feet.

This is the Foot Works lightly scented cooling spray. Again it does not make the feet feel oily or greasy. It is refreshing. Again E also like this product.

This is ideal for walkers/runners,people who are on their feet all day, or just looking to do a home spa day for the feet.

These products will be gifted wrapped. Again thank you for choosing me.

If your are wanting to be apart of the raffle, but don’t want to be an Avon customer, you can go over to the Team Voice Event Page and donate $5.00 dollars, you will be entered in the giveaway. The donations will go to charity of Team Voice board members choice.Please note If you donate, make sure you list your Email address.

This is what you get when you win the give away!!!

gift basket set: $ 15.00, Foot Works scrub:% 5.00, Foot Works Cooling Spray:$ 5.00, All in One Foot file:$6.00, Foot Works Lotion $5.00. Retails @ $41.00

Good Luck to all!!

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