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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jumping Jacks Weekly Challenge

Ok this is what my Trainer came up with. And I thought it would be different and share it with everyone. Tonight Biggest Looser season 8 started. And my trainer mentioned doing jumping jacks during the commercials. I thought, that would be a neat challenge, and I told her I will do it too. I started and hour into the hour, it was 2 hours to night, and i did them.
I did 569.

Next Tuesday I challenge all of you to join me in a one hour show and do jumping jacks during the commercials. And post your results here.

Here is something we all can do at home together nearly at the same time of the day.


  1. Send a reminder!!! I have a feeling I'll forget otherwise. :-)

  2. I did 1080 of jumping jacks tonight!!!

  3. That's a great idea. I've done that with situps before - it's quite a work out!!!