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Friday, June 26, 2009

Calling All Team Voice Members!!!

Do we all know what tomorrow is???? Anyone?? Anyone?? Yes,Jonathan is wogging the RNR half marathon!!!! He will need all the support he can get from all of us And Team Voice. SO PLease in someway tomorrow support him and show it. If you have your Team Voice shirt wear it !!! Wear your AATM buttons send me a photo and I will post it on the Team Voice Event page. I will be at work so I will be wearing a DIsney uniform and I will have my AATM buttons and I will have my Team Vocie shirt with me on the back of my chair and Pal Mickey will be sitting on the desk. I wll take pics to post. Oh yes I will have a picture of him crossing the finish line from Disney to so my support like I was there.

SO Jonathan it is your turn ....


  1. I'll wear my TV shirt on Saturday when I do my long run -- not as long as Jonathan's, though!

  2. Sweet!!! I will have mine with me at work!!

  3. I'm sleeping in mine. Then when I wake wake up it's straight to the Y. Someone please text me when Jon finishes. I will not be near a pc until the afternoon.

    Best wishes Jon!!!

  4. I can do that i am following him like track my runner.

  5. Hi all And hey Jeff... I did my second Duathlon today and it was 1:35:41 not bad for being sick. Update the side bar i can't. and ob the 19th thiws month I will be doing another Duathlon.